February goal tracking

February is almost over, which means it is time to measure my progress against my goals for this month. To recap, my goals were:

  • Take a 15 minute walk every day
  • Call my parents every weekend
  • Improve the cleanliness/clutter level of my apartment every week
  • Weigh myself every day
  • Don’t have shut-in, depressive days
  • Average 6,000 steps per day
  • Track my food intake
  • Track my sleep cycles
  • Get 120 hours of poker in
  • Continue to organize my life along a task oriented methodology
  • Write at least four posts here
  • Don’t skip any IRL Magic PTQs
  • Play in at least one MtGO PTQ
  • Play more MtGO (30+ tickets worth of tournaments)

So, how did I do?

  • I achieved all of my health and fitness goals for the month, and mostly exceeded them. I’ve lost 15 pounds since the start of the new year, I’m feeling a lot more energetic, and I am enjoying having a daily exercise routine. Since I started keeping track of calories I’ve been motivated to keep a daily calorie deficit and that has accelerated my weight loss.
  • I also met my “be a better person/don’t be an asshole” goals. Specifically, I’ve been talking to my parents regularly, I’m making an effort to keep in touch with friends and not be a recluse, I’m keeping my apartment clean (and making it cleaner each week), I’m continuing to organize my life, and I’ve gone out on a few dates with some nice women.
  • I completed half of my Magic related goals. I’m playing some MtGO (which I am terrible at right now because I keep on letting myself get distracted) and I went to a couple of IRL Magic PTQs. I skipped one IRL PTQ to go on a date, which I did consciously and don’t feel invalidates the goal. I did miss my MtGO PTQ goal – it turns out there was only one MtGO PTQ this month, and I missed it due to poor planning/obliviousness. Finally, I definitely punted my goal of making four blog posts here this month – this is actually the first one I’ve made.
  • I am currently at 90.5 hours of poker played for the month and I’m not likely to get an additional 30 hours in over the next three days. I’m probably going to get up to about 100 to 110 hours in (I am playing 4-5 hours tonight and 6-12 hours tomorrow but Thursday I am taking off to do errands, get lunch with friends, and go dancing). I think I am fine with this – I had a really bad start to the month, results wise, which led to me taking a bunch of days off to de-steam, and my weekends have been pretty Magic filled. I think 120 hours a month is an achievable goal, but probably a difficult one. I am likely to run it back for next month.

Overall I am pretty pleased with how the month went. The health and be a better person goals were the things I wanted to work on the most, so I’m really happy that I met all of those goals. I also had a lot of other good things happen this month, including convincing Star City Games to let me do coverage for SCG Seattle in April, training two new judges, and playing some pretty good Magic.

I have good ideas about what I want to do in the next month and overall I am pleased with how this whole project is going.