April goals

A new month, a new chance to think about what I want to accomplish. I’m pretty happy with my fitness goals and will be running them back with a few small modifications:

  • 8,000 steps per day
  • Average a 1,000 calorie per day deficit and maintain a calorie deficit every day
  • Work out three times a week (currently 3x sets of squats, push-ups, and rows)
  • Track weight and calorie intake every day
  • Track other body measurements (waist, chest, etc) weekly and take semi-monthly progress pictures

I’m upping the difficulty on my step goal slightly, and I think this may actually be challenging to complete. I have plenty of 10K+ days, but I also have had a fair number of days where I’m getting my last 1K steps in right under the wire. I’m really happy with my gym routine and diet, and while I’m continuing to make small adjustments to specifics, the overall goals are still very good.

I’m not quite as sanguine about my lifestyle goals as I was at the beginning of March – there were enough hiccups that I’m no longer super confident in how I’ve organized my tasks and scheduling – but I still feel like I’m where I want to be and just need to keep on with maintenance mode.

  • Call my parents every weekend
  • Improve the cleanliness/clutter level of my apartment every week
  • Once a week have an explicit cleaning task
  • Continue to organize my life along a task oriented methodology
  • Don’t have shut-in, depressive days

I’m switching the focus on my activity goals to be much more poker centric as that’s where my interests and time has shifted in the last month. As such I’m eliminating some Magic goals and tweaking some things.

  • Get 120 hours of poker in
  • Set aside specific times to study poker each week
  • Accumulate 30+ drawing tickets during the first week of the month
  • Write at least one blog post a week here
  • Do thorough preparation work for SCG Seattle tournaments I am doing commentary at
  • Write a specification for my MtGO Agent project and do initial research