Review of March Goals

Now that we’re winding down the month it’s time to review the¬†goals I set for myself at the beginning of the month. These goals can be roughly broken down into health goals, life improvement goals, and activities goals.

For the health goals, which were the most important set of goals for me, I achieved all the goals I wanted to meet. Early in the month I decided that it was impractical to track my sleep cycle and water intake – I thought I had fine systems for doing this, but my methods were untested and ended up being infeasible. Empirically I’ve been sleeping less than I used to before starting this whole fitness routine and¬†anecdotally I feel like I’ve been sleeping better and have more energy. I don’t actually have anything actionable I can do with sleep data at this point, so I’m happy to cut an extraneous measurement process. I might try to re-up the water measurement process at some point, but I need to rethink how I’m going to track that data before I try it again.

I met all of my step, workout, and calorie deficit goals and completed all of my other tracking goals , which I am really happy with. Next month I’m planning on running back all of these goals, with a slight difficulty increase for steps.

I also met all of my general life improvement goals for the month. There were a few hiccups with my task management system, mostly technical, which I may discuss at some point, but I was able to keep on track with everything.

My activity related goals took a bit of a hit this month, and I think will require some re-evaluation for next month. Poker went really well this month – both in terms of achieving goals and in terms of results – and I feel like the effort I’ve put into playing more and setting aside time specifically to study and improve is paying off. I was also pretty successful at keeping involved with this blog – I wanted to write a blog entry a week and I ended up writing seven total entries for the month. I was a bit more haphazard in my scheduling than I would like, and I’d like to work on getting into a regular writing schedule next month.

I fell down a bit on my Magic goals, however. I played in one real life PTQ, in Spokane at the beginning of the month, but I had zero play on Magic Online. I find it hard to engage in Magic Online – I like having physical cards and being able to see my opponent, and the visceral feel of playing in a tournament, and for some reason the convenience of MtGO has simply never clicked for me. I was also a bit crunched for time this month, as I unexpectedly started dating again, which I hadn’t really planned on doing until at least a few months down the line. This took away from time that I had planned on using to play Magic and work on MtGO Agent in, which is fine, but needs to be something I consider going forward.

Overall I’m happy with how the month turned out – I didn’t achieve everything I wanted to, but I feel like I did a good job prioritizing where I wanted to spend my time, and I’m very happy with the results I’ve achieved so far.