Illustrating the comprehensive rules with a minimal set of cards

Jon Loucks presented me with an interesting question this weekend – what is the minimum number of cards you would need to be able to demonstrate every rule in the Magic Comprehensive Rulebook? I think my guess at the time was around 200 cards, but the more I think about it I feel like it’s probably a smaller number – there are lots of places where clever reuse of cards could potentially cut down on the number of cards you need.

It’s probably overly ambitious, but I kind of want to find out, and I figure it might make forĀ a fun series of blog posts. So, over the next few months I’m going to try to go through the entire Comp Rules and build up a list of cards that can be used to illustrate them all. Feel free to follow along at home and provide suggestions on cards that will be useful examples for multiple rules.

Here are some cards that I’m looking forward to using: