What I want

It’s important to keep the final vision in mind. It’s easy to get caught up in minutiae and make decisions based on local reasons instead of global goals. To that point, I want to state what I want to get out of self-improvement project:

  • I want to go skiing in the winter and finally take advantage of the geographic diversity of the Pacific Northwest
  • I want to go kayaking in the summers and learn to go out on the open water instead of just dinking around on Lake Union (which is still awesome)
  • I want to not feel guilty when I get stuck in the middle seat of a plane
  • I want to stop feeling a sense of dread when I’m about to go up a few flights of stairs or an inclined walk in the company of others
  • I want to be able to run a mile
  • I want to have more energy, to wake up each morning wanting to get out of bed and start my day
  • I want to feel comfortable inviting people over to my house and I want to feel connected to people around me
  • I want to feel like I’m a good brother and a good son
  • I want to feel like future girlfriends aren’t compromising their physical attraction standards to go out with me
  • I want to have my shit together – making excuses sucks and is bad all around
  • I want to pursue positive relationships in all aspects of life, to make things better than when I found them, and to make myself happier through the things I do
  • I want to be able to concentrate and not be a slave to my emotions when I need to, but to also have an outlet for my feelings and people I trust to share them with

I like who I am. But I want to be a better person.