March goals

Let’s talk goals for the next month. I’ve been really happy with my progress so far on health related goals, and I think I can step up the difficulty on most of them. I’m already meeting or exceeding most of these goals, but I’d like to be tracking against them explicitly going forward.

  • 7,000 steps per day
  • Average a 1,000 calorie per day deficit and maintain a calorie deficit every day
  • Work out three times a week (currently 3x sets of squats, push-ups, and rows)
  • Drink 128 oz of water each day
  • Track weight, sleep, and calorie intake every day
  • Track other body measurements (waist, chest, etc) weekly and take semi-monthly progress pictures

In the general life improvement set of goals I’m mostly in maintenance mode with a little tightening of restrictions. I completed a bunch of small but annoying tasks this month, like getting my Good to Go pass set up and canceling the TV service I never use, that removed a bunch of friction from my life, which has been a big relief.

  • Call my parents every weekend
  • Improve the cleanliness/clutter level of my apartment every week
  • Once a week have an explicit cleaning task
  • Continue to organize my life along a task oriented methodology
  • Don’t have shut-in, depressive days

In the hobbies/income/creative categories of goals I’m running back most of my goals, adding a couple of things, and tweaking my blogging goal to make it psychologically a bit easier to achieve.

  • Get 120 hours of poker in
  • Set aside specific times to study poker each week
  • Write at least one blog post a week here
  • Go to one of the IRL PTQs (there are five PTQs on three weekends this month, but they are all 5+ hour drives from Seattle, so attending more than one is ambitious)
  • Play in at least one MtGO PTQ
  • Play more MtGO (30+ tickets worth of tournaments)
  • Do thorough preparation work for the SCG tournaments I am doing commentary at
  • Write a specification for my MtGO Agent project and do initial research

One of the problems I encountered with the blogging goal I set up for last month was that it was too easy to procrastinate, and then once I had procrastinated it felt too daunting for me to try to catch back up. I think by making this a weekly goal instead of a monthly goal I’ll be more motivated to keep up to date with it.

So, that’s my plan for this month. Let’s see how I do.


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